How does this work?

9lives fingerprints your song copyright and claim any videos that use your music on YouTube, then 9lives can collect ads revenue on those videos.

How to Monetize on YouTube with the YouTube Copyright Claim system?

Artists can monetize videos, either on their Channels or on other Channels with their songs. Here are the steps to follow:
  • Make sure it's released: You can distribute your music to various Music Platforms through Netrilis; eligible music will be included in the YouTube Claim-Monetize feature.
  • Scanning Process: YouTube will scan all the videos and search for the ones that match your song.
  • Claims: When a match is found to the video, it will be claimed under the name of NINELIVES INTERACTIVE on behalf of Netrilis Music.
  • Starting Monetization: Eligible videos from YouTube automatically display the appropriate Ads, and the revenue will be collected by Netrilis for you as the sound recording copyright holder.

What is YouTube's "Claim & Monetize" feature?

Claim & Monetize is one of Netrilis’ features that allows claiming and monetizing videos on YouTube containing Artists' audio. Claim & Monetize features include:
  • Release on YT Music
  • Release as Art-Track on YouTube regular
  • Available on YouTube Shorts as backsound/background
  • Copyright Claim
  • Monetization

What are the requirements for Claim & Monetize feature?

Songs/music that are released through Netrilis will be included in the Claim & Monetize feature if they meet the following requirements:
  • Original works: Songs or music created and owned, and possess full rights for commercial purposes.
  • Original recorded audio: All audio/sound materials in the song must be originally composed, and must not contain other pre-available audio either with a license or free.
  • Main version releases: A song with the same audio, only registered once for Content Id even though the song is released in several different release versions.

What kind of music doesn't meet the Claim & Monetize feature requirements?

The following categories of music that do not meet the requirements for the Claim & Monetize feature:
  • Not original works: Cover Version, Remixes (recycled), Derivatives (derivative works),
  • Contains audio/sound/sample material: Non-free for commercial use, Royalty-free with license, Royalty-free without a license, Creative Commons, Public Domain
  • Not main releases: Same song in different release versions, Tracks on Albums that have been released as Singles, Same song in the compilation release version, Medley.
If the music meets the criteria for release on various music platforms, but does not meet the requirements as above: The music can still be released on all Music Platforms by Netrilis, but will not be included in the Claim & Monetize feature.

How long does it take for videos to be claimed and become monetized?

it can take up to a month for Content ID to find all the videos across the YouTube that are using your audio. It will first scan new videos and the most popular videos, this process can take even longer for older videos.

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